reliable garage door repairs in Calgary, AB



High quality, reliable garage door repair Calgary, AB

The time eventually comes for all homeowners when a garage door repair is necessary, and finding a quality company will benefit you immensely. Most Calgary residents rely on their garage door as the main entrance into their homes and use the garage door opener multiple times every day, which makes it highly inconvenient when there’s a problem.

Fortunately, you can call the experts at Calgary Springs and Openers Repair for the best garage door repair services in the area from garage door repair technicians who have many years of professional training and experience with all aspects of garage doors.

We can be at your home as quickly as within the hour of your phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide each of our clients with the highest quality services whenever you need them.

LiftMaster garage door opener models

There are dozens of garage door opener brands available for homeowners today, but the top quality brand and our favorite is LiftMaster. LiftMaster has a range of garage door opener models so you can get the perfect features for your home without having features that are unnecessary for your particular setup and have a worry-free garage door operation. Whether you’re looking for a chain-drive, belt-drive or screw-drive garage door opener LiftMaster has the products you’ll appreciate.

One reason the professionals with Calgary Springs and Openers Repair prefer LiftMaster openers is because they’re long lasting, but also that when they require repairs they can be covered under the most extensive warranties in the industry. Our technicians perform warranty-quality garage door opener repair services for all LiftMaster products and we can get you back to a functioning garage in no time at all.

Garage door spring dangers

The most common cause of all garage door repair needs and garage door related accidents have to do with garage door springs. It’s always recommended that you call a professional for garage door spring repair services because they pack a force of 400 pounds and can cause serious damage or injury to the untrained person.

The experts at Calgary Springs and Openers Repair have been repairing and replacing all sizes of garage door springs since 1995 and we can do it safely, effectively and with the highest quality parts. Another common danger with garage door springs involves homeowners wanting to only replace one spring, leaving the second spring in place.

This is dangerous because uneven springs can cause your garage door to be pulled from its tracks, which is dangerous and costly.